Investing in education for future generations

While infrastructure and enrollment in primary schools has improved in recent years, the rising cost of higher education and the use of Chinese as the only language of instruction has made it difficult for Tibetan students from poor rural communities to complete higher education without assistance.

Tibetan Village Project provides scholarships to Tibetan students who attend colleges and universities in Tibet. Based on need and merit, TVP selects students and finds generous individuals who contribute annually through one-on-one sponsorship. As of 2015, TVP has supported over 100 students. Our goal is to reach 1000 students within five years.

In order to reach a wide selection of young people, TVP supports students in all regions with the greatest focus being on places in the poorest areas. Students are placed depending on their interests. Those that want to become Tibetan teachers, attend schools in Tibetan areas. Students with good Chinese language skills that want to pursue technical studies such as business, computer, and medicine, attend schools in Mainland China.

Each sponsor contributes $75 a month, or $900 annually, to support a student’s education. This covers 90% of the tuition in most colleges and universities, including Tibet University and Kangding Teachers’ college, for one year. Sponsors are welcome to send additional funds toward students’ food, medical, and transportation needs. A general scholarship fund is established to receive donations (large and small). Funds are used to assist students without a sponsor, staff coordinators who administer the program, and students’ emergency needs.

What A Sponsor Receives
As a sponsor, you will have an opportunity to hear directly from your student once a year. In addition, we at TVP send general scholarship updates quarterly. Due to the remoteness of some students’ locations, poor infrastructure, language barriers, and political sensitivity, we are not able to facilitate communication between students and sponsors more frequently.

“When we support one Tibetan student, we uplift an entire village.  Knowledge is transferred and new opportunities arise for all.  Education is the gift that we can give that will take nothing away from us in return.  If I give you my car, I no longer have my car.  When I give you the gift of literacy, both you and I can read.”  – Sarah Schumann, Chair of Scholarship Program