A Letter from Founder

Tashi Delek (greetings),

While I was attending the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2001, I received a phone call from Tibet that changed my life forever. I learned that my father had died at the age of 57 while on a 5-hour horseback journey to the nearest medical clinic. At that time, not a single healthcare worker was available in or near my village to prevent his untimely death or even to determine its cause.

In memory of my father, I started TVP to fund a medical treatment and prevention program. With generous financial support, countless volunteer hours, and leadership from a dedicated board, TVP was able to build three more clinics. In 2007, I left my day job to focus on TVP and began organizing trips to Tibet to support my efforts. While I was happy to see our clinics were treating about 8,000 patients annually, we had the constant challenge of not being able to raise annual program costs. As a result, the idea of supporting income generation projects was conceived in 2008.

Today, I am happy to inform you that TVP has became an important bridge between Tibetans in Tibet and those who wish to help them in a very practical way. In the last 14 years, TVP has partnered with over 2,000 trusted contributors as we put every dollar we raise to good use, and it has directly benefited over 20,000 Tibetans. The Tibetans we reach truly appreciate TVP’s efforts and are proud of me for returning to Tibet to help.

TVP’s work is far from over as Tibetan communities on the Tibetan Plateau face increased threats to their culture, identity, and way of life. TVP is one of the few active organizations on the Tibetan Plateau and our staff takes risks on a daily basis just to help others. It will be my honor and privilege to continue to be of service and I invite you to learn more about TVP’s efforts through our website and by becoming involved in our work.


Tamdin Wangdu