$25 purchase school supplies for a month in primary school
$75 a month, or $900 annually support one college student.
$350 provides stipend for a school teacher in a rural school.

Service Project 
-Provide a stipend for a healthcare worker in a rural medical clinic.
-Improve our water purification system
-Travel with us to Tibet to improve sanitation.
-Collaborate on our next heath education training

Business Development
-Become a mentor for a Tibetan social entrepreneur in Tibet who speak English via Skye.
-Consider investing in businesses on the Tibetan Plateau and watch how $2,500 will keep working for years to become through our revolving loan fund.
-Become part of the collaborative network of Tibetan Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (TSEI) by joining our annual forum in USA or traveling to Tibet.

Travel to Tibet
-We invite you to learn more about our volun-tourism program and consider embarking on a Conscious Journey!
-Need a good travel agency in Lhasa? Potala Travel is a Lhasa that owned and operated by native Tibetans.

Involve in USA
-Be part of a community of supporters in your area by organizing or attending an Evening for Tibet.
-Have time to volunteer via online or at our Colorado Office? Please contact us today.