Board and Staff

Our Board of Directors

The board of the Tibetan Village Project (TVP) is comprised of 9 volunteer board positions including an Executive Committee. Board members are comprised of members from the domestic and international communities. The Executive Committee includes a board chair (or co-chairs), Secretary, and Treasurer. The members of the Executive Committee accept additional responsibilities to the members-at-large whose responsibilities are listed below. Board members have the overall fiscal and managerial responsibility for TVP. They are charged with the supervision and oversight of the executive director and the TVP mission. They are responsible for making decisions, delegating work, and assuring that decisions are carried out in the manner intended.

Jerry Colonna is a Buddhist practitioner, a successful businessman through investment in technology and finance sectors and father of three children. Jerry has served on over 20 nonprofit boards: New York Times, 9/11 Financial Recovery Fund, and Naropa University to name just a few. He now spends much of his time giving back by mentoring CEOs and nonprofit executives and giving time, energy and funds to nonprofit organizations. Jerry first became a donor to TVP and then became active in 2010 after his involvement in the Yushu earthquake response.

Pamela Logan was the founder and Executive Director of Kham Aid Foundation, which implemented many community development projects in the Kham region of Tibet from 2000 to 2011. Kham Aid officially closed their operation in 2010 and transferred their scholarship fund to Tibetan Village Project. A year later, Pamela has joined TVP’s board and brings her 11 years of firsthand experience implementing projects in Tibet. She is a PhD engineer, author, and lives in Washington State.

Marv Ross is a professional photographer who first travelled to Tibet in 1986 to visit his Buddhist teacher’s home village in Surmang, Kham. Since then, Marv returns to Tibet often and joined a Conscious Journeys trip in 2011 as an official TVP photographer to visit several villages where TVP has projects. After returned from Tibet, Marv helped to create a traveling photo exhibit for Tibetan Village Project. The first show debuted in Fort Collins at the Global village Museum, in November 2011. Marv plans to continue using photography as way of raising awareness and funds and has recently joined TVP’s board. Marv lives in Boulder and works as a research and development technician.

Sarah Schumann, MDiv, is the Vice President of Operations at Brookside Inn, a Skilled Nursing Facility in Castle Rock.  Sarah has obtained a Master of Divinity degree from Naropa University and a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Holoyoke College.  She has also studied with Zen, Yoga and Tantric Masters and has a passion for alternative health.  Sarah is a current black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a Registered Yoga Instructor and is trained in Japanese acupressure, essential oils, meditation and energy work.  Sarah loves comedy, singing and dancing; she performs monthly with a Vaudeville Troop at Brookside Inn.  Sarah is invested in the future of our youth, and both she and Brookside Inn support Tibetan students through the Tibetan Village project.

Gwen Stern is an Anthropologist and organization effectiveness consultant, recently retired. Gwen has a long history of work and advocacy on women’s issues, and maintains strong ties to the Latino community in Chicago. She has volunteered in Tanzania with the Global Alliance for Africa, and served on the Boards of several non-profits, including Mujeres Latinas en Accion, Chicago Commons, and Mental Health America in Illinois. She first traveled to Tibet in the summer of 2012 and was fascinated by Tibet and deeply impressed with the staff and work of TVP.

Tamdin Wangdu: In the summer of 2001, Tamdin learned that his father had died at age 57 after suffering four long days of acute stomach pain. Not a single healthcare worker was available in or near Tamdin’s village to prevent his untimely death or even to determine its cause. Tamdin believes that just knowing how to perform CPR could have saved his life. In memory of his father, Tamdin started the Tibetan Village Project in 2001 to fund a medical treatment and prevention program in his village. In the years since, TVP has expanded its programs to support community development with a focus on social enterprise program that include skills training, business education and enterprise loans. Tamdin received a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Colorado in Boulder, and worked for Accenture as IT Consultant for several years prior to becoming the executive director of TVP. Tamdin travels between his adopted home in Colorado and Tibet.

Yonten Gyatso was born in the Everest Region of Tibet and educated in India. He worked as a bilingual editor and a translator at Norbulingka Institute, which publishes magazines about Tibetan culture and contemporary Tibetan issues. In 2007, Yonten moved to Switzerland where he learned German, worked with the Tibetan community, and wrote a book about Tibetan immigrant experiences for the Tibetan audience. In 2010, Yonten married Tseyang, moved to Colorado and joined the TVP team as an office administrator. Yonten’s firsthand experience of living in Tibet, as well as his language skills and experience in working with Tibetan communities will help to improve our communication with project coordinators in Tibet, and enhance TVP’s overall organizational capacity.