About Us

Mission of the Tibetan Village Project is to empower Tibetan communities on the Tibetan Plateau through social enterprise development and educational opporunties.

The organization was founded in 2001 by Tamdin Wangdu to fund a medical clinic in his home village after he lost his father. Several years later, TVP has expanded its program to other villages through health, education and small business development. Please read our founder’s Welcome Letter here and to learn about TVP’s progress and ways to support us.

We believe in education and investing in children is the right thing to do. Through one-on-one sponsorship, TVP’s College Scholarship Program supports promising students who are perusing higher education in colleges and universities in China with goal of students becoming entrepreneurs, doctors, dentists, teachers, and lawyers, etc.  Learn more

Social Entrepreneurship
We support Tibetan entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses with goal of providing employment opportunities. Investing in education, training, knowledge, and skills for the Tibetan business sector is the most effective and viable ways to cultivate economic development and cultural flourishing for Tibetans in the current Chinese political environment. Learn more

Service Project
Service Project program is aimed to improve livelihood of farmers and nomads in rural communities by supporting essential needs such as health and hygiene, dentistry and water and sanitation. These service projects often implemented by volunteers from local communities such as students and travellers who are interested volunteering. Learn more

Conscious Journeys
Conscious Journeys is a unique volun-tourism program of the Tibetan Village Project (TVP) and we offer a balanced blend of mindful-tourism and volunteerism excursions to Tibet.  We invite to learn more about our travel programs and plan your vocation into a meaningful experience. Learn more